Monday, April 27, 2009


PhotobucketIn the OMFG department today we have an extremely disturbing tidbit from "THE OTHER HOLLYWOOD: THE UNCENSORED ORAL HISTORY OF THE PORN FILM INDUSTRY". It seems that the Candyman himself, Sammy Davis, Jr., when not hanging out at the Church O Satan enjoyed romping with the stars de porn. According to Linda Lovelace, "old one eye" was fascinated by her way of handling the original "old one eye" in a gentleman's trousers. On one particular sleazy get together dear little Sam, while watching a porno with Lindy and her douchebag husband, practically begged her to teach him to "deep throat". Why? God and maybe Frank Sinatra only knows. Anyhoo, our dear Saint of the no gag-reflex proceeded to show him on her hubby who was rather startled to discover the diminutive rat packer gnawing on his cheese log! Apparently Sammy was a quick study and Mr. Lovelace ahem, just went with it, making the charming scuzball soiree a total success! Oh those were the days.

For further evidence of Sam's ability to deal with a "rod", I present the following shocking evidence caught on film.....

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  1. More classic crap with the SDjr clip - made me laugh again - ah, the entertainment back then, HAHA....

    Oh, and just had to laugh at "heart-warming tome", hahaha!!