Monday, April 27, 2009


This is my first test post on this wonderful new blog.....something I posted on Myspace a while back when I was feeling superior to the idiots that frequent those sort of places....

Another Public Service from your humble Test Chimp 48.....Scintillating Singles on Myspace! Trawl this lust-bait with caution...muy caliente!!!!!

Andy is quite the package, ladies!! And cool? You bet!! Just look at those shades! It's always bright and shiny in Andy World!!!

"Procrastinate now, don't put it off!" quips Andy in his quote. This carnal comedian will tickle more than your ribs with his "routine" under the sheets! This laff-riot lover aims for your funnybone and yet you may find he hits your heart instead!

This is Bonnie! Bonnie's quotalicious quote: "I'D KILL MYSELF TO LOVE YOU. IF I LOVED MYSELF I'D KILL YOU"

What can we gather from this photo, fellas??? Well... she drinks alot of soda and she uses envelopes!!! What a gal!! That lingerie and those bedroom peepers..ooh lala! And that obsessive psycho quote? Let me at 'er!! Come hither sez Bonnie for some lovin' you'll never forget you fuckingmotherfucker I'll stab your eyes out!

Another one for the ladies (or men, wink wink)...This is Jason!! Jason's quote: I am busy as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest!"
But not always so busy that he can't be just "chillin" as he wittily labels this photo!

Hold on to your panties, gals.....he's S-I-N-G-L-E!!! This delectable do-bee owns his own bar and is an ultimate fighter!! And don't worry you "sensitive" types, this pugnacious pug nose has a soft side, too. Give him a baby and a piano and he will tune the baby and nurse the piano..just kidding....he looks so
comfortable around both!!!

This sultry sodbuster also likes country AND rap!!! This is one eclectic chap!! Calling all broads whither thy be brawny or brainiac!!!

Kurl up to this kutie, kowpokes!!! This is Tiffany!! Tiffany's quote: Well....Tiffany has no quote....ummm, just "Tiffany" in big sparkly letters.

One look at that saucy smile makes me want to lick the glitter graphics off her profile if you get my drift!! This "mystery woman" is a shiny Pandora's box covered in blinking Disney characters and flashing roses!! Your eyes say nein! nein! but your heart says oui! oui! Blonde and brassy is our lassie!! Did I mention she was bi?? Oh girl!! You put the "sin" in single!!! ME-OW!

More Mouth-Waterin' Myspace Muffins, soon!!!!

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  1. Man, what a jerk you are making fun of these well meaning folks. I hate you! Douchebag.