Monday, June 15, 2009


Although I live in a city (Chapel Hill, NC.) known for it's music's been a relatively on again off again affair, having it's last real influential surge in the SUPERCHUNK led juggernaut era of the '90's. Don't get me wrong there is still a thriving music scene with some extremely talented bands too numerous to list..but like Athens, Ga. and Austin, TX...the sustained staying power is spotty. Trying to think of a city that consistently has managed to churn out band after band of historical significance excluding New York, Boston immediately springs to mind. In fact, three of my top 10 bands of all time: The Modern Lovers, The Pixies, and Mission Of Burma all were birthed in Beantown. So tonight I present four older bands from Boston's rich history that might have flown under your radar. Two personal favorites on the poppy psychedelic side and two favorites from the beloved new wave era. For a quick tip of the iceberg overview of Boston's musical output I refer you to the wikipedia entry. For an excellent overview of the late sixties era with links to other sites check out the splendid BOSTON SOUND page contained in the equally splendiferous PUNK BLOWFISHwebsite of Boston legend Paul Lovell.

First up is the mini pop masterpiece- "Basic Magnetism" by the highly influential Teddy and the Pandas. Released at the zenith of the "Bosstown Sound" in 1968 , "Basic Magnetism" is a catchy confection of the group at their best. All the members are still alive and active and played a reunion show in 2008. Check out their exhaustive OFFICIAL WEBSITE or SPECTROPOP's Teddy & the Pandas PAGE for the incredible history and continuing legacy of this great band.

The cuddly lads circa 1967. Squeeze'em HERE!
Track Listing: 1. Childhood Friends
2. Kona, Idaho
3. Shine A Little Light
4. 68 Days 'Till September
5. Running From Love
6. Basic Magnetism
7. Crossing Man
8. At The Debutantes' Ball
9. Look Back In Love (Not In Anger)
10.Raspberry Salesman

Next is the '68 psyche pop LP by singer/songwriter Timothy Clover which namedrops the hippie gathering place of the time and announces itself as a "concept" album. Couldn't find much info but I take it as a one-shot featuring many Boston area musicians and the same production team behind Teddy & the Pandas. It's a pleasant folky sounding record with a pop/psyche production varnish. A perfect soundtrack for a stoned rainy afternoon. Snagged about two years ago from SIR PSYCH'S PSYCHEDELIC SHACK, a wondrous blog that is still going strong! Load it in your bong HERE.
Track Listing:

The band Human Sexual Response has always been kinda a guilty pleasure for me. Only releasing two albums in their four years together, they rode in on the new wave and were quickly beached on the rocks of musical history. Though pegged as new wave, the majority of their songs betray a heavy art rock influence. Their first release "Fig. 14" in 1980 showcases a talent rife with quirks and struggling to get its sea legs. "In A Roman Mood", my favorite of the two, which quickly followed in 1981, is a more mature effort, though almost too slick in its production values. Definitely an acquired taste, their music can be at times a bit too precious and self-important. Portentous lyrics and intellectual posturing on songs like "Marone Offering", and mythological references in the busy "House of Atreus" darn near collapse under the weight. That being said "In a Roman Mood" offers many rewards for the patient listener. Dark and edgy, it succeeds ultimately with power over pretense. I first encountered them on late night television (see video below) singing their only "hit", "Land of the Glass Pinecones", a song which periodically has gotten stuck in my head many times for the last 25 years! After breaking up the various musicians went on to play with a who's who of talent including Frank Black, Kustomized, Bob Mould, and Tanya Donnelly. Read an interesting article on two surviving members of the band entitled "HOUSE PROUD: New Wave Musicians in an Old Age Home" published in the New York Times in 2006. "In A Roman Mood" Tracklisting:
A1 Andy Fell
A2 Marone Offering
A3 Pound
A4 Public Alley 909
A5 12345678910
B1 A Question Of Temperature
B2 Keep A Southern Exposure
B3 Blow Up
B4 House Of Atreus
B5 Land Of The Glass Pinecones
B6 Bodyguard
Get Sexed HERE

Lastly, a very obscure New Wave Boston band called Onyx. A new one on me, they released two singles and a cassette in 1982-83, then apparently faded into the day-glo mist. Unearthed by the excellent archivist over at FANTOD UNDER GLASSwho is just as perplexed as me at the lack of any information on these kids. A female vocalist doesn't sing so much as talks and whispers over solid electronic beats and pounding bass driven tunes - just right for an android hootenanny. Excellent.
Track Listing:

1. Call Of The Wild (45 Single)
2. SOS (45 Single)
3. Jet Set (45 Single)
4. Saturn 09 (45 Single)
5. SOS (Cassette)
6. Robot World (Cassette)
7. Jet Set (Cassette)
8. Planet x (Cassette)
Use your mechanical arms to grab it HERE.

PS: For an excellent book covering the rich history of the Boston music scene, I highly recommend THE SOUND OF OUR TOWN by Brett Milano.

Monday, June 8, 2009


By now you must know my tolerance for krayzee kristians seemingly has no limits so...hangin' ten on the Jesus wave, tonight I present two mix CDs and a funny video on the JC tip. First courtesy of CRAZY CHRISTIAN CLIPS, I bring you the hilarious promo for the new album by Christian death metal band Plagues Of Xodus! God knows I hate laughing with 'em and not at 'em but I must admit that this is funny shite.

Next a little mix for you entitled RELEASE THE LIONS featuring some Jesus toasted chestnuts that belong in every home. I'm sure you jaded Satan-suckers have heard some of these a million times...but I thought it would be nice to have them in one place. Starring, among others, the creepilicious Lil Markie and the late massacre of mascara-Tammy Faye. My particular faves on here are "God Send Me An African Maid" and "Premature Ejaculation". Giggle in The Glory my little gremlins and snatch it HERE.

And finally for the particularly strong of stomach I bring you a compilation of songs from everyone's favorite gaya-hatas..the Westboro Baptist Church. Culled from their lovely and heart warming website these little ditties put the hate back in hate-mongering. I would almost believe these fuckers were some sick situationist or dadaist pranksters if it weren't so sadly and unashamedly unfunny and virulent. Enjoy the vitriol HERE. .....and please don't thank me....


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Why oh why do movie stars and other celebrities insist on punishing us with their vocal strainings from time to time? Is it the fault of their managers or publicists, or do they genuinely think they can sing?? Who knows? But as long as they keep doing it I'll keep cherishing it. By the way I love how most of these albums are usually entitled "so and so sings!" just so you'll know that's what the awful racket you're hearing is! Here I bring you three dour examples that will make you want to plunge icepicks into your eardrums. Lock up your dog and let the howling commence.....

First up we have Mother Goddamn herself, Bette Davis, with the ill-advised "MISS BETTE DAVIS" from 1976. Bette is not the worst of the lot, and in context of the movie WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?, "I'm Writing A Letter To Daddy" is still one creep-out of a tune as warbled by Ms. D., but overall the album is just plain wrong. Most of it sounds like me trying to do karaoke after two packs of unfiltered Camels and ten shots of cheap whiskey. Also included are four remixes of the song "Baby Jane" by the group Lunchbox.
1 Overture/They're Either Too Young or Too Old
2 Life Is a Lonely Thing
3 Until It's Time for You to Go
4 Growing Older, Feeling Younger
5 It Can't Be Wrong
6 I've Written a Letter to Daddy
7 Loneliness
8 Mother of the Bride
9 Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte
10 As Margo Channing (Dialogue From the Car Scene)
11 I Wish You Love

Secondly we have the endurance test "GOLDIE" from actress Goldie Hawn. Someone who now resides in a special room of Hell thought it would be a good idea for the "sock it to me" vixen to record a Country?!? album in 1972. Backed by sloppy orchestral arrangements and guests like Porter and Dolly and Buck Owens, city gal Goldie peels wallpaper with her girlish soprano and even Mon Dieu! butchers the song "Butterfly" showing off her French skills. Truly a botched mission on all accounts.
1 My Blue Tears
2 Wynken, Blynken and Nood
3 Butterfly
4 Uncle Pen
5 House Song
6 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
7 Carey
8 Cloudy Summer Afternoon
9 Ring Bell
10 I Wanna Roo You
11 Pasadena

Finally we have the rare bird, "I'LL SING FOR YOU" by Zebedy Colt released in 1970. Recorded with the London Philharmonic, this is a surprisingly GOOD record. Colt had a gentle, resounding voice and a relaxed style that lends itself well to these standards. The thing that makes this queer (no pun intended) is the man behind the record. Edward Earle Marsh aka Zebedy was a flamboyant homosexual and gay cabaret singer of some note. He also had some meaty roles on Broadway and composed film music including scores for classics like "THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH". Colt also happened to be an infamous porn actor, producer, director! This crazy dichotomy is just a hint of the fascinating character that was Zebedy Colt. Check out some of his notorious porn efforts for a real eye-opening experience. As an actor he often played seriously deranged characters who loved to humiliate the female depositories of his ahem, method. His directorial efforts were even more surreal starting with the disturbing "THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER" wherein a group of criminals have their way with the titular characters. Most notably it starred everyone's favorite suicidal satirist Spalding Gray! who doesn't hesitate to join in on the misogynistic XXX proceedings! Thus listening to Colt's dulcet tones on this record is kinda disturbing given his other endeavours.
1 The Man I Love
2 I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy
3 Bill
4 A Sleepin' Bee
5 Michael*
6 Love For Sale
7 Bewitched
8 A New Year, A New Love*
9 Lush Life
10 The Day To Say Goodbye*
11 Somewhere

I hope you'll enjoy these pickled platters o punishing pulchritude! Grab Bette here. Sing along with Goldie here. And flame with Zebedy here.


For the unfortunate few of you trawlers that haven't seen the disturbing and hilarious PSA from 1970, "THE TRIP BACK", I bring it to you in all it's terrifying glory. Speaking at a New York high school, Florrie Fisher, a middle aged ex-druggie, rants and raves and generally harangues the trapped students with dire warnings of what fates will befall them once they do drugs. Chain smoking! while she tells them not to punish their young bodies, she comes off as a self-centered, self serving wrongheaded twit. With a raspy voice she refers to the "Negro" girls in the audience and answers questions with jaw-dropping responses. My favorite moment is when one poor girl dares to question her contention that marijuana leads to harder drugs to which old Florrie growls...that sure she knew people that never did other drugs after smoking weed..only because they didn't get a chance cuz they died in the electric chair for committing crimes of passion while on the reefer!!! This whole scare tactic sham is tempered further by the fact that one year after this speech Florrie was back to her old ways, getting arrested in Miami on drug charges and other things, then seemingly dropping off the face of the earth. Her legacy lives on in Strangers With Candy, however, as Amy Sedaris modeled her character,Jerri Blank, on Florrie. So without further ado, I bring you "THE TRIP BACK" to have for your very own. Grab a pack of smokes and get it here. You'll thank me in the morning.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


The Monn Keys - Dreamsville
A fast one for you before beddie-bye! A rare little lounge ditty from 1957 courtesy of Norwegian vocal stylists- THE MONN KEYS! Oh so smooth and swinging the perfect platter to lull you into DREAMSVILLE. Enjoy and Good Night, Dreamboats! Float on over to here
A1 Dreamsville 2:50
A2 Like Young 2:55
A3 The Song is You 3:05
A4 Bye Bye Blackbird 1:51
A5 The Bad and the Beautiful 3:42
B1 Misty 2:34
B2 Soothe Me 3:06
B3 Too Close for Comfort 2:34
B4 Senor Blues 2:20
B5 Day Dream 3:42

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Taking a break from the usual monkeyshines around here, I hope to give you some reviews of some of my favorite films that may have escaped your attention. First up is I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND, a wonderful 2006 Czech film recently out on DVD. The review was written by some disgruntled schmuck recently laid off as a freelancer for a major city newspaper...hmmm..I wonder who? Tell me I can't republish my own writing, will ya? Well, take this you money grubbing "make it in a more USA Today like style" corporate bitches!!!

"I Served The King Of England" is at once a semi-fantastical encapsulation of Czech history and a Chaplinesque fable of a hapless anti-hero swept along by fate and selfishly adapting to the whims of the powerful and wealthy.

Directed and written by Jiri' Menzel ("Closely Watched Trains", "My Sweet Little Village"), who will soon approach his fiftieth year as a film maker, and based on a book by famous Czech novelist Bohumil Hrabal, "I Served The King Of England" is an award winning minor masterpiece that harkens back to some of the true foreign classics of Seventies European and East-European cinema. Reminiscent of Wertmuller's Seven Beauties, it's at turns comedic and bittersweet in its portrayal of war, romance, and a life about survival.

The film begins with an older Jan Dite (Oldrich Kaiser) being released from a fifteen year stint in prison. As he settles in an abandoned German pub in the wilderness of the Czech Republic, Jan Dite begins to narrate his life and the film becomes a series of riveting flashbacks.

Young Jan (a deftly funny Ivan Barnev) is obsessed with being a millionaire. Starting out as a lowly railway frankfurter salesman, Jan is an ambitious moneymaker and also a keen observer of human behavior. Through chance meetings and self-centered manipulations he lands a series of jobs at posh hotels where he excels at servitude and lusts for the lifestyle of those he waits on.
As much a slave to his loins as he is to his wallet, young Jan has a series of romantic encounters that he approaches with the same ardor as his work.

The film takes a darker turn as Germany's takeover of Czechoslovakia begins. Jan, seemingly oblivious, takes it all in stride. He even falls for a young German teacher Liza ( a remarkable Julia Jentsch) who becomes a true-blue Nazi. This does not dampen his love for her at all, and being blonde haired and blue-eyed he is even allowed to marry her, though he is doomed to remain a Bohemian outsider.

As Liza goes off to war, Jan, in one of the film's many black humored moments, is put in charge of serving a bevy of frolicking Aryan beauties waiting to be impregnated by brave soldiers of the Third Reich. The opulent hotel he was once a waiter in is now an idyllic breeding facility for the master race.

The many adventures of Jan Dite make for enthralling viewing. How he finally becomes a millionaire and loses it all, his daliances with various ladies, and his dogged self centeredness form the bulk of this wonderful film. Jan Dite is basically a cipher through which we witness the breathtaking glamour of old Prague, the creeping rise and protracted fall of Hitler's dream, and the eventual advent of communism.

A comical, satirical, sometimes disturbing rumination on love, power, and self, "I Served The King Of England" is a personal epic of self-discovery through overwhelming events. As Old Jan states "my happiness was always in the fact that some unhappiness overtook me."

Beautifully filmed with images that will linger long in the memory, "I Served The King Of England" is that rare bit of pure cinema that transports the viewer, an immersive saga that expertly juggles its parody and paradox.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Another mix CD for you wonderful people. This is volume one of a massive undertaking I've been struggling with for the last month. Gathering songs from old records, CD's, tapes, the net, etc., I'm working on an A to Z multi-volume collection of my favorite New Wave/No-Wave artists with one or two representative songs from each group. The project is called "THIS IS WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE WHEN ROBOTS CRY: NEW WAVE/NO WAVE NUGGETS FOR NEURO NOURISHMENT" and this is a tentative first volume covering groups whose names begin with #'s and running through letter A. I've been fairly broad in my interpretations of what constitutes the New Wave/No Wave sound, but if it's from that general era of my youth and I listened to it while I was wearing a skinny tie, it most likely made the cut. Please let me know if you enjoy this one and want me to post future volumes. There will be some mighty obscure stuff mixed in with the familiar so hopefully even the most jaded androids among you will discover some new surprises. I also beg of you not to harass me with " left out so and so.." comments (unless you have a very convincing argument) cuz most likely I thought so and so sucked or they just didn't fit my PERSONAL criteria. Put on your parachute pants and robot walk to here.


Monday, May 4, 2009


Ya know some guys like a girl to be short and petite. Some guys like 'em tall and slender. Me personally I really go for a gal....................
I do love krayzee fetishes and one of my favorites is the weakness for giant women, crushin', killin', and destroyin'. Scouring the internet one can find many photoshopped pictures of gargantuan girlies and your favorite celebrities grown to immense proportions.(I must admit the oversized Sophia Loren straddling the ocean liner is kinda hot.) There's also fan fiction, cartoons and more! The Japanese seem to be quite fond of this particular perversion and I would love to see some of the videos posted here. With descriptions like: "The giant girl come here again! She drives out tanks and warriors, and enjoys destroying the town... Warriors, tanks, helicopter, civilians, police, hospital, houses, elevated highway, cars.... A lot of lives are lost under her huge feet!" and "Super Mrs. Has Come to Japan!!! She's gonna destroy Tokyo first!!! Everyone, get your arms and weapons and let's fight against Mrs. GTS!!! You are now meant to protect and to save the TOKYO city!!!, how could you go wrong! You can grovel till your heart's content with this giantess directory that will provide hours of abusement, I mean amusement, as you chase down links like the horrid little man you are! You're welcome. Just another public service from your humble host.

And PS. for you fellas whose fetish isn't quite so overwhelming you can find some nice pics for those who like their giantesses to be a bit more practical and down to earth!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


To make you rotten heathens feel a bit more guilty for not going to worship the Jesus this morning, I bring you three comedy albums that had no shame, and a down and dirty R&B scorcher. First up is a raucous 2 hour collection of dear Aunt Esther herself, Lawanda Page. Culled from a few different sources...this is classic blue comedy at it's bluest, showing that Esther could probably make even old Redd Foxx blush.
Then we have three others from the orbit of the immortal Rudy Ray Moore,
including one from the great man himself. The raunchy "BACDOOR DADDY" showcases the estimable talents of Skillet and Leroy and co-stars the busy Ms. Page,also. Then it's the phenomenal Lady Reed, Dolemite'sPhotobucket badass babe, with the ear burning "QUEEN BEE TALKS". Lust but not least we have the jivin' jewel "HULLY GULLY FEVER"
from the late lamented Moore. Moore, always a frustrated singer released this incredible album of songs with not a "dick" joke to be found. Proving that not only was he an inspiring stand-up comedian but quite the blues belter as well. Most of these originally appeared on the great Laff Records label,who groomed everyone from Pryor to Carlin and whose catalog is slowly getting re-issued. Put on your bath robe, pour ya a shot of something snappy, and let go your inhibitions for an aural assault of karnal komedy and butt-shaking boogie.
Get LaWanda here. Get Skillet & Leroy (if you dare) here. Holla at Lady Reed here. Get yaself some "Hully-Gully" fever here.