Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Another mix CD for you wonderful people. This is volume one of a massive undertaking I've been struggling with for the last month. Gathering songs from old records, CD's, tapes, the net, etc., I'm working on an A to Z multi-volume collection of my favorite New Wave/No-Wave artists with one or two representative songs from each group. The project is called "THIS IS WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE WHEN ROBOTS CRY: NEW WAVE/NO WAVE NUGGETS FOR NEURO NOURISHMENT" and this is a tentative first volume covering groups whose names begin with #'s and running through letter A. I've been fairly broad in my interpretations of what constitutes the New Wave/No Wave sound, but if it's from that general era of my youth and I listened to it while I was wearing a skinny tie, it most likely made the cut. Please let me know if you enjoy this one and want me to post future volumes. There will be some mighty obscure stuff mixed in with the familiar so hopefully even the most jaded androids among you will discover some new surprises. I also beg of you not to harass me with "hey...you left out so and so.." comments (unless you have a very convincing argument) cuz most likely I thought so and so sucked or they just didn't fit my PERSONAL criteria. Put on your parachute pants and robot walk to here.


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