Sunday, May 3, 2009


To make you rotten heathens feel a bit more guilty for not going to worship the Jesus this morning, I bring you three comedy albums that had no shame, and a down and dirty R&B scorcher. First up is a raucous 2 hour collection of dear Aunt Esther herself, Lawanda Page. Culled from a few different sources...this is classic blue comedy at it's bluest, showing that Esther could probably make even old Redd Foxx blush.
Then we have three others from the orbit of the immortal Rudy Ray Moore,
including one from the great man himself. The raunchy "BACDOOR DADDY" showcases the estimable talents of Skillet and Leroy and co-stars the busy Ms. Page,also. Then it's the phenomenal Lady Reed, Dolemite'sPhotobucket badass babe, with the ear burning "QUEEN BEE TALKS". Lust but not least we have the jivin' jewel "HULLY GULLY FEVER"
from the late lamented Moore. Moore, always a frustrated singer released this incredible album of songs with not a "dick" joke to be found. Proving that not only was he an inspiring stand-up comedian but quite the blues belter as well. Most of these originally appeared on the great Laff Records label,who groomed everyone from Pryor to Carlin and whose catalog is slowly getting re-issued. Put on your bath robe, pour ya a shot of something snappy, and let go your inhibitions for an aural assault of karnal komedy and butt-shaking boogie.
Get LaWanda here. Get Skillet & Leroy (if you dare) here. Holla at Lady Reed here. Get yaself some "Hully-Gully" fever here.


  1. This blog is mad!

  2. These posts are priceless! Some of these I never knew existed. You have a grateful admirer for sharing these 4 albums.

  3. Blog post of the year!!!
    I'm telling everybody!!!
    You even got skillet and leroy!!!
    Watch it sucka!!!

  4. Damn, damn, DAMN...I just kinda stumbled in here looking for material for my Sunday school sermon this week, and, well....let's just say that's going on hold for a bit while I digest and ruminate on some of the other influences I've come across on here.....thanks for puttin' it out there!

  5. Any chance you could re-up Skillet and Leroy? Thanks for this stuff!